Some Steps to Play Longboards for Beginners

What do you think when you see a guy jumping on a longboard skillfully, moving quickly, then suddenly making a turnaround in the air and landed on some stairs? Now you can find the group playing longboards anywhere. Please see our suggested steps to join the game as a whole. You also can find the Best Longboards For Beginners by visiting this link:

Step 1: Be Prepared Your Gears Carefully

The necessary equipment comprises of 1 longboards, protective hands, boots, and helmets.

Many people still play longboard with casual shoes, but if possible, please buy a pair of shoes for professional players. Since wider soles will increase surface contact area boards, in addition to helping to foot liner no pain when you landed on a hard surface from a height of someone. Some of customers still use regular skateboard shoes, but it is impossible.

You shouldnít buy a pair of shoes for professional players, as Broader base. The contact surface will increase on the board, in addition to ITS support to the foot does not hurt liner. The players still do not have helmets, but are a beginner, you should know that you are not simply too risky for an unknown sport. Original helmets also help you feel more confident when training.

If you plan to try one new posture, please protect yourself from being worn at the elbows hands. Because they will make you more secure. When down, at least you do not have to wear under some painful scars in the elbow. The player does not need a helmet, but as a beginner, you should not be too risky for the unknown sport. Initial Helmet can also assist you feel more confident when training.  You can also use more cosmetics deodorant to during gameplay does not cause discomfort to people around.

Step 2: Tap Standing on the Plank

Bring a lawn plank or a certain little slippery, and you begin to get familiar with your plank. Let stand still on it, try to stand with the rear wheel, try jumping board, jumping up and down several times, until you feel very comfortable and proficient when standing on it.

Step 3: Determine the Agreement Foot

If you prefer to use the right foot, please slide it (also known as Goofy). If you feel more conveniently with the left foot, please let your left foot to slip foot.

Step 4: Push the Longboard to Go

Stand upon your leg behind, step foot upon the ground, gently push the longboard forward, legs pulled up to the board upon moving one piece. Repeated this action several times so you get used to standing on a transfer board. You can file this action one time to really proficient, should set in place uncrowded, less access to them. You can go where there is a little steep comfortable and try to go from top to bottom slope.

Step 5: How to Stop a Longboard

There are ways to stop a longboard again.

– Win foot: you slowly slide your foot drop to the ground, pears them on the pavement, the board will stop right then. But this movement quite time-consuming exercise, so try carefully before you start the new game.

– Win with heels: You emphasize his hind legs to the edge of the plank after plank, and the front will barracuda off the ground, planks stopped immediately. You go back down first, then the front foot from the boarding steps, otherwise very easy to fall.

– Jump off the plank: This cannot be called the way, do you simply get rid of the board in the case at stake. You just jump off the plank and plank sliding stop quickly stopped under it. You should be careful if you suddenly lose control.

Step 6: Redirect

The only way to redirect the user longboard vigorously pressing foot force on the rear wheels, foot and rotate in the direction you want. Plank and you will redirected. The more you click, the easier game of strong leg navigation

We hope you can find useful information to start playing longboards from our article. Have a fun!

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