Something to Know About Breastfeeding the Baby

Having a baby is one of the greatest happinesses in the world. Yet taking care of a baby is also one of the most challenging tasks that a person may face. It takes a lot of efforts and practice to be able to make a baby grow up happily and healthily. Among countless things to learn, feeding the baby is one of the most important things. When the baby is born, the best nutritrion source should be the mother’s milk. Unless the mother cannot have milk, it is always essential to breastfeed the baby. Breastfeeding is not always an easy task. It can be awkward and difficlut sometimes. Yet with practice and good knowledge, a mother can quickly adjust and feed her baby with ease. After some months, the parents can now let the baby drink from bottle to have adidtional nutrition (check out best bottles for breastfed babies through link here), yet the importance of breastfeeding should never be neglected.
In this article, we will feature some points to consider when breastfeeding the baby.

1. The Position for Breastfeeding

There are a lot of positions that a mother can breastfeed her baby. Each mother will have a way to find the optimal position for her and her baby basing on feeling and experiences. Yet there are some common points to pay attention to:
– The comfort: When you feed your baby, being comfortable is very important. Relax yourself, let your shoulders and arms be comfortable too. A comfortable position will make it easy for you and your baby in the breastfeeding process.
– Check your baby’s head and body position. Keep the baby’s head in a straight line with the baby’s body. It will be easier for him/ her to drink down the milk.
– Do not let your baby get too far or too close from you. Your baby should be close to you with your hands and arms supporting his/ her neck, shoulders and back. If you baby has to reach out to feed, he/ she is too far from you. If your baby cannot tilt the head back to swallow, he/ she is too close to you. Adjust your position in both cases.
– Do not put your baby’s mouth on the same level with your nipple. First-time mothers may try to let the baby’s mouth on the same height with her nipple. Yet the correct position for the baby to suck the milk should be from beneath the nipple. So place the baby so that their nose will level with the mother’s nipple. This way they can open their mouth wider and get a mouthful of the nipple.

2. Step by step guide on how to breastfeed the baby

– To latch the baby onto your breast, hold the baby close to you and gentle touch his/ her lips until the baby open their mouth.
– Bring the baby close to your breast with the chin touching your breast first. Your baby should take your breast in by a mouthful with your nipple go deep in their mouth. Support the baby fully when he/ she is drinking.
– Watch your baby’s reaction when he/ she is drinking. When he/ she has not gotten enough milk, they will keep on drinking. After feeling full, they will look very content. Some babies often fall asleep when they have finished drinking.
– When your baby is full, you can take him/ her away from your breast. Do not let the baby play with your nipple by biting or chewing. Normally, if the baby does that several times, your nipples and breast will get sore. That would make you feel painful the next time you feed your baby.

3. Some Tips to Build up the Mother’s Milk Supply

– Some mother may not have enough milk. In the first days, some even do not have any milk at all.
– To build up a milk supply for the mother, it is recommended to eat some specific food.
– Yet building the bond with the baby is always a good way to help the mother to get more milk supply.
– Mothers are encourage to try the “kangaroo care” with their babies. It means they hold the baby under their close and create a skin-to-skin contact with the baby.

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