Keeping Your Baby Safe from Sunlight

Playing under sunshine is always fun and enjoyable to babies. However, it may be dangerous. Following tips will help your children play in the sun safely.

It is the best to always keep your infants away from direct sunlight. When she is older, six months old or more, find in the shade for your baby and cover herĀ  with a big hat, and sunscreen while she is playing outside. Keep her in the shade, especially when the sun is hottest from 11am to 3pm.

  • How to keep the sun off your baby’s skin?

Trees, umbrellas, canopies, sun tents, to name just a few, can help you to make the shade for your baby, keep her in as much as possible.

It is much easier if your baby is not crawl or walk yet. But if your baby is mobile, it is important to encourage her to be in the shade and stay off the sun when playing.

Loose-fitting clothes made from lightweight fabric should be covered over your baby skin. Using a big, wide-brimmed hat to protect her face, and neck. Your baby sensitive eyes will be protected will good-quality wraparound sunglasses.

Keeping your baby under the shade is initial. Make sure that your baby always sit or play under a canopy, sun hood or umbrella. If it is unable to keep your baby out of the sun, sunscreen must be used.

  • What kind of sunscreen for your baby?

An four or five-star rating, broad-spectrum sunscreen with an Sun Protection Factor index of more than 15 is recommended, it will provide a good UVA and UVB protection to your baby.

Cover every part of your baby that is not covered by hat or clothes with sunscreen. Apply sunscreen liberally to every part of your baby’s skin that isn’t covered by clothes or a hat, and remember to pat the sunscreen on not only rub it in.

Apply the screen 15 minute before your baby get outdoors is better. Every couples of hours after that, and after your baby water-playing you should re-put the sunscreen for her. Choosing a tinted sun cream can help you to recognize which part of your baby skin that you has missed.

You should test in a small area of your babies skin first to make sure it not create any allergic reaction to her.

  • What to do if your baby gets sunburn?

Even you have tried to protect your baby delicate skin, sunburn still may happen. It is not easy to notice that your baby has got sunburn straight away, it takes hours until the redness and pain expose.

If your baby sunburn is not severe, you can use wet cloth to place on the injure for a quarter of hour, and redo it several times per day. To reduce the redness and get your baby skin cooler you also can bath her in tepid water. Gently put moisturizer on burnt area. Provide your baby with enough milk or drink to replace the fluids has been lost.

If the injury is severe, call your general practitioner immediately.

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