How to Bathe Your Baby Safely

Playing with water when taking bath may make your children very excited and fun but it is very dangerous too. The following tips could help you to bathe your baby safely.
  • How to make a right water temperature for your baby’s bath?

Cold water should be put in the bath before hot water added. The mixed water must be stirred well to make sure there is no hot spot in the bath. Make the stirred water stand before putting your baby in, do not let your baby in when the water is still flowing, the temperature may change.

A thermometer will help you to check water temperature. The ideal temperature is between 37 degree C to 38 degree C. But if you do not have  a thermometer, you can quickly check the temperature using your elbow. The water temperature should be in the middle, not hot, not cold.

After bathing you have to keep the baby warm and not lose her heat. Make sure the room is warm. Use a hooded towel to cover the babyís body when the baby is lifted out of the bath, then make her dry before placing nappy on. Then, the baby should be placed in a dry towel or a blanket, and kept warm for about 10 minuter before got dressed.

  • How to support your baby in the water?

When you put the baby into a bath, use one hand to hold your baby tightly under her bottom, the other arm should be placed under the back of your babyís neck and shoulders. The latter arm must be keep firmly to hold your baby, and keep your babyís head over the water, while the former hand  can be used to wash your baby as well as swish the water. A sitting supporter like a bath cradle or a bath seat can help you to free your hands to wash your baby.

Never leave your baby unattended when she is in the bath, it is the most important rule that no one should not forget. The baby can topple in just a few second and be helpless. Always take an eyes on your baby, and do not let it too late to realize the situation.

Since you can not out of the bathroom any seconds, everything needed for your babyís bath should be prepared before you start. Keep the baby with you all of the time. If you have something you must go out of the bathroom, take the baby with you but remember to cover her in a towel.

  • How to set up a good time to bathe your baby?

After a feed or when the baby is hungry or tired is the best time to bathe your baby. However,  you do not need to bathe your baby daily, you can do it two or three times a week instead. Your baby is still clean enough if any obvious dirt is washed off. Remember to choose a mild, liquid cleanser for your baby, your baby skin protector will be kept.

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